Why has English speaking become the key to live in today’s world?

By September 12, 2017Learning

Mother tongue is a language that is most close to anyone’s heart since it gives an ease to our expression. In the world outside, where it is necessary to survive in unison with people who don’t share the same mother tongue with us, it is necessary to use a common language. The most commonly spoken language in the World, in general, is English.

Moreover, English is an official language in many native and non-native English speaking countries.

This has made English speaking mandatory to be well-informed and to be successful in life.

Usage of English

English speaking & learning has become a part of our daily lives. Its application in our routine life includes:

  • Digital world: Today’s world is one governed by Digital world (Computers, World Wide Web & Apps). English is predominantly used in the information systems, compared to other languages.
  • Computers: Use of computers has become very inevitable, be it in schools, homes, offices, public & private work places (from Corporates to small shops to traffic signals). Also, most importantly at hospitals (for diagnosis and report generation).

Also, learning systems adopt at tutoring through information systems like Computers and Web.

At all work places, it has become important that continuous improvement is shown by staffs at all level in terms of reducing cost and time involved. Especially, in the business by doing regular automation. Computers are required in work places to ensure work is done in a smooth manner.

    • Web: World Wide Web is an ocean of information. It is accessed to search for a wide range of information, on any subject. It is easy to locate a place or learn/research on a topic using the Web.
    • Applications: Apps are used for multiple purposes and for diverse reasons including communication/chatting (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype etc.,). Also, travel (Ola, Uber, etc.), home services and for many business reasons.

Though job recession related to Information Technology raises apprehension, it cannot be denied that gadgets and the web rule the roost. This is basically due to the ease and speed of executing tasks that have made life much simpler.

  • Social/Business interactions: So, in terms of sociocultural diversity, India lives by the principle of Unity in Diversity. This has extended as a worldly principle since most of the jobs are getting inclusive in nature. This inclusion is about having staff from various societies, cultures, and backgrounds. English is the language that connects people from diverse environments.

The Act of conveying

So, it is important that one is able to express oneself better to grow in the social and business ladder. Hence, with the social, business and the computing world are all pointing the direction towards English learning and English speaking as the basic necessity. Hence, it is very vital for everyone to do so.

More so, it is not just for proving oneself or for monetary reasons that English learning and English speaking are required. More importantly, it provides someone with confidence and satisfaction. Especially, when they do not have to rely on others for doing something as basic as conveying a simple thought.

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Written and compiled by Vidya Sudharshan