Here are the most effective ways to practice English speaking

By September 7, 2017Learning
Effective ways of English speaking

Speaking in English is a skill that develops only with a fair amount of practice. You cannot learn a language in one day. It needs practice but if you are a novice in English. We would like to suggest you these basics, yet the most effective ways to practice English speaking.

Here are four most effective ways to practice English speaking.

a) Reading:

Reading is one way that will improve your English speaking as well as vocabulary. It is all in one package, while you read it is important to pay attention to everything. Say it, the vocabulary used or the punctuations, the right grammar, sentence structure you can learn all by reading good books. Pick up good books to read. Try reading it aloud it will improve your English speaking. It is important that you listen to what you speak i.e. when you develop the skills.

reading books

b) Roleplays:

Roleplays is simply having a conversation with someone, whether scripted or non-scripted. You can have a roleplay with your personal mentor who will correct you best if you speak inappropriate English. English speaking could be practiced with anyone maybe a friend, companion, relative or any colleague. Do some role plays which are relatable to you or your profile so you can speak the English language fluently. It is advisable to do a roleplay with a qualified partner rather than a friend.


c) Listen to Radio/Podcast:

Listening to English radio or watching Podcast videos will help you improve English speaking vocabulary it also improves your grammar. The use of fundamental Grammar concepts should be right, is what you learn. Listening to English speaking audios will help you understand the British accent, it makes you familiar with the accent. Listening will increase the quality of your English speaking. While audios are more advisable to learn effective English speaking skills then videos, the visuals are disturbing.

listen to English radio

d) Debate:

The debate is where you need to think what you have to speak next. Debates are prominent it won’t give you time to think and then speak i.e. why you need fluency in English speaking when you debate. You can have a debate on any topic with your friend, partner, colleague anybody around. There are also debates conducted in groups on some social topic where your English speaking is tested. It is important to be spontaneous with your ideas, think spontaneously and speak. The more you debate, higher the chances of your vocabulary being active.


It is important that you know how to speak the English language. But what is more important is that how fluently you speak it. These ways will surely help you in improving your English speaking.