English Conversation- Talking about a Holiday.

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Let us take Holidays as the topic for English conversation. Holidays are joyful. We go on a holiday to meet are closed ones. Since, talking about holidays is one exciting topic in any social gathering.Also, we even talk about them casually in any semi-formal gathering. So, when your boss/colleague/ friend is sharing his holiday trip with you, won’t you share one of your holiday experiences with them? So, How will you describe a holiday trip and what is that you should mention in the English conversation?

Talking about your holidays

Some main points you need to discuss when Talking about holidays.

1. See, The most important parameter is ‘Place’. Hence, while Talking about holidays┬áthe first thing you should tell us which place did you go for a holiday.

2. Furthermore, When we go on a Holiday it is more likely that we meet new people or you go to meet your closed ones. So,If you are sharing a Holiday experience you should describe the person you met so that they are aware of whom you are talking.

3. Also ,they are meant for time to enjoy, have fun, explore new places with new people or with your loved ones. Especially, when you talk about your holiday, your experience is most important. So, how much did you enjoy your trip? Hence, This is what will make the conversation interesting while you are talking about holidays.

4. Meanwhile, share your craziest experience in while Talking about holidays. Let them feel the same excitement that you have felt when they hear about it. Also, You can also talk about the specialties of that place. So, next time they go there, they are aware of what is best served.

Here is a sample audio of Talking about holidays:

This is a semi-formal English conversation where Susan shares her holiday trip experience with Urvashi.

Test your Comprehension.

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If you are asked to share a Holiday experience, what would you like to tell?

(Share with us your holiday experience in the comment box.)


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