English Conversation Chat- Talking about films.

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Let us look at one more topic for English conversation. Friday’s mandatory topics are the movie which is going to release. We all have a chat about the upcoming release of any movie or a released one. It can be a chat with your colleague, friend, parents or anyone else. When we have English conversation on such a generic topic what is that you have to discuss. You will be some time hesitant to speak about a movie or give a review. How can you have a good conversation while you talk about films? We give you an English conversation example where Sunil and Aakash are discussing a newly released film.

Fluent Life | Talking about film

Fluent Life | Talking about film

Read the English conversation carefully.

Sunil: Hi, Wassup.

(An alternative: Hi, How are you?)

Aakash: Hi, I am good. How are you?

(An alternative: Hi, I am good. Wassup with you?)

Sunil: All well. How’s work going on?

(Do not say: Good. What’s going on with work?)

(This is not the most appropriate way to ask. You can ask in a better way.)

(An alternative: I am all well. How is your work going on?)

Aakash: In this season work is always slow.

(Do not say: Summer season is always like the cold.)

(This is not the most appropriate sentence.)

(An alternative: It’s off season going on.)

Sunil: Oh yes! Did you see that movie?

(You can use a more appropriate word.)

(An alternative: Oh yes! Did you watch the movie?)

Aakash: Which movie?

Sunil: Jagga Jasoos

Aakash: No, Did you watch the movie?

(This is not the most appropriate sentence. The better way can be.)

(An alternative: No I haven’t watched it yet. What about you?)

Sunil: Yes, I did it was good I liked it.

(This is not the way you say. The better way can be.)

(An alternative: I did watch the movie and I found it good.)

Aakash: I did not go because I read the reviews. The movie has got only 3.5 stars.

(There can be a better way to communicate the same sentence.)

(An alternative: The review of the movie are not good. It has got just 3.5 stars that’s why I didn’t feel like going.)

Sunil: Grow up. Have your own choice dude. Go and watch the movie.

(This isn’t the best way to say the sentence. Here is a better way.)

(An alternative: Oh Common Grow up. You should not depend on them totally.)

Aakash: Okay fine.

Sunil: The movie is for us especially, Katrina is a journalist and it’s an interesting investigation.

(Do not say: It is for us only because Katrina is a journalist and there is an investigation.)

(There can be a more appropriate way to say the sentence.)

(An alternative: You will find it interesting as Katrina is a journalist and the story is based on an investigation.)

Aakash: Journalist is it?

(Do not say: Journalist is she?)

Sunil: Yes! The movie is full in a song.

(An alternative: All the dialogues in the movie are scripted in a form of a song.)

Aakash: Oh! That seems interesting.

(Do not say: Oh song.)

(This is not appropriate you need to so some verbal expressions.)

(An alternative: Oh Woah! That’s interesting.)

Sunil: The best part is the locations of the movie.

(Do not say: Locations are the best of the movie.)

(An alternative: The best part in the movie are the locations in which the movie is shot.)

Aakash: I should go to see the movie or you are going to tell me everything?

(An alternative: Should I go to watch the movie or you gonna tell me everything?)

Sunil: Oh! Sorry. Go watch the movie.

Test your Comprehension.

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Discuss the latest movie you have watched. Write the English conversation.

(Share the conversation with us in the comment box. You can check more such conversation at the fluent life.)