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Vocabulary for nouns

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Nouns, the first thing that comes to my mind is the game we played in school. Remember? The noun game Name, Place, Animal, Thing in our school times. Is that everything you need to know about nouns.  Not really there is a lot more you need to know about Vocabulary for nouns. But first, Let us clarify the concept of nouns.

Why do you need to learn nouns?

Is noun really a grammar concept? No, noun isn’t a grammar concept it is as simple as playing a online game. We always had a misconception that nouns are something which we need to practice like grammar. But, it isn’t so nouns are something which will improve your vocabulary for English. In a rare case, let’s assume you do not know anything about nouns. Let’s understand what are nouns and how can you acquire the right vocabulary for nouns.

How to acquire the right vocabulary for nouns?

There is no technical definition as such for a noun. But still there is no sentence which you will find without a noun. This is how important a noun is in a sentence. In noun, there is nothing which is right or wrong, verb is something which if goes wrong the structure of the sentence changes. So, we should know the correct use of verb. But in a noun there is nothing as such. To acquire the right vocabulary for nouns you should be aware that nouns are naming words. It is basically the subject of your sentence.

Well, let’s not talk content wise, we try it the practical way. Here are some basic conversation we have in our daily life which has nouns in them.


1. a) Situation- Talking to a friend.

Conversation: I met your sister downstairs. Where is she going? She was looking really beautiful. Is this the red birthday dress.

Phrases: I met your sister, Red birthday dress.

Nouns: sister, dress.

2. b) Situation- Talking to a colleague.

Conversation: What did you get for lunch? Seema, my friend baked chocolate cookies, do you want to try some? I am going to have your aloo paratha for sure.

Phrases: baked chocolate cookies.

Nouns: Seema

3. c) Situation- Conversation with a mentor.

Conversation: Aryan is a true hero. He completed his online course of 2 months in a month. Still he scored an ‘A’ grade in his exams. The online training proved as a helpful source to him.

Phrases: a true hero, a helpful source.

Nouns: Aryan.

Test your Vocabulary of nouns.

So now, that you have understood that what are nouns and phrases in a sentence. Here are some images you can create any conversation related to the image. Try using as much as phrases and nouns you can in the conversation. Be creative as much as you can.

1. Situation: Meeting a friend for coffee – Read full article on vocabulary for meeting a friend here

Having a conversation with friend

Having a conversation with friend | Fluent life

2. Situation: Conversation between a father and son.

Conversation between father and a son

Conversation between father and a son | Fluent life

3. Situation: Conversation between a husband and wife.

Conversation between husband and wife

Conversation between husband and wife | Fluent life

How to use verbs like is,are,was,were?

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While I was checking the basic rules for using verbs online, one important thing that was noticed. There was no sentence which did not have verbs like is, are, was, were. Verbs are the most important part of sentence. The main thing is you won’t understand when the tense goes wrong. Just because of the misplacing of verbs.

Basic rules of use of verbs like is, are, was, were.

Verbs like ‘Is’ and ‘Are’ are used in present tense sentences. They describe something which is happening in the present. Let’s take an example,

1. He is walking on the street.

(In this sentence, the person is right now doing the stated action.)

2. Here are the shoes you ordered online.

(In this sentence, the shoes is presently in front of him.)

Verbs like ‘Was’ and ‘Were’ are used in past tense sentences. They describe an action which has already happened in the past.

1. He was an average student.

( In this sentence, the person was an average student now, currently, it’s not the same case.)

2. We were out for lunch.

( In this sentence, they are stating an activity which has happened in the past.)

Be verbs

Fluent life English Grammar Lesson: Is, are, we, were

A scenario based learning for use of verbs.

Wrong Paragraph”

A long vacation to North India.

It is a sunny afternoon in Mumbai when the train left the station. It was a hard goodbye from our parents as we are heading to North. A trip which was memorable for life. We are 14 of us all prepared to climb the high range of mountain. It is the peace that I miss now in this crowded cities. Our visit to Amritsar is a beautiful memory. We planned for the day, to visit Golden Temple, Jhallianwala Baug, and Wagha Border. Golden Temple was a place that leaves your eyes awestruck. It is truly a place to visit if you are finding some inner peace.

Errors in the use of verbs in the above passage:

Note: This passage is a description of a travel experience in the past.

1. In the above passage, the verb ‘is’ is used in a wrong pattern. The verb is to be used when you are writing a sentence in the present tense. While this is a passage which describes an experience of the past.

2. In the above passage, the verb ‘are’ is used in a wrong place. The verb ‘are’ should be replaced by ‘were’. It is then the description of a past experience will sound correct.

3. In the above passage, it is the same case the verb ‘was’ is used in a wrong place. The verb ‘was’ should be replaced by ‘is’. The reason is that the place Golden Temple is still existing.

“Corrected Paragraph”

It was a sunny afternoon in Mumbai when the train left the station. It was a hard goodbye from our parents as we were heading to North. A trip which is memorable for life. We are 14 of us all prepared to climb the high range of mountain. It was the peace that I miss now in the crowded cities. Our visit to Amritsar is a beautiful memory. We planned for the day, to visit Golden Temple, Jhallianwala Baug, and Wagha Border. Golden Temple is a place that leaves your eyes awestruck. It is truly a place to visit if you are finding some inner peace.

What is a Verb?

A verb is one of the main parts of a sentence or question in English. In fact, you can’t have a sentence or a question without a verb! That’s how important these “action” parts of speech are.The verb signals an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. Whether mental, physical, or mechanical, verbs always express activity. There are linking verbs that connect two different sentences. Verbs need to be modified according to the tense of the sentence.

How to use Modal Verbs?

Every improper sentence will only be an addition to making your write-up a meaningless piece to read. It is these small errors which we need rectify. Let us understand when are the verbs is, are, was, were used a maximum number of times through examples of sentences.

1. a. Here are the flowers you ordered.

b. There is a bug in the room.

In both sentences, the verbs used are ‘is’ ‘are’ these are verbs which are used in a present tense sentence. The subject is present at the moment that is why you use the verbs of the present tense. The sentences which start with Here and There probably have the present tense verbs.

2. a. He was punched in his face.

b. We were a musical band before we split.

In both sentences, the verbs used ‘was’ ‘were’ these are verbs which are used in a past tense sentence. When the subject is not present at the moment or the moment has happened in past. In these cases, the verbs of the past tense are used. The sentence which is based on an individual or group is where these verbs are used.

Test your grammar.

The question which remains now is that have you understood the concept. Reading and adapting the knowledge isn’t enough when it is grammar. You need a lot of practice. Below are some paragraphs for you to solve, check whether you are now clear with the basic concept. How to use verbs like is, are, was, were.


The weekend brunch we enjoyed.

1. For me, it was the worst thing to wait for the order. We was all hungry on that Sunday afternoon. It is time that we could have all the food available. There are butterflies flying in my stomach right now. The food is finally on the table while we was starring the waiter coming from far.  It is so well presented, and well served.

2.  To begin with, how children were made to grow. The behaviour and development of the children is not well looked. You will always see that what the parents teach are what the child will behave. The growing of children were not looked upon well his manners, teachings is low.

Practice Grammar – Modal Verbs

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Now that we already know how to use verbs like is, are, was, were in sentences. We are now clear about questions which first we were unaware of, Like:

1. When are the verbs is, are, was, were to be used?

2. How to write a scenario/ experience which will be grammatically correct.

3. How to use Modal verbs in past and present tense.

Tenses - The past, the present and the future

Fluent life English Grammar – Tenses

Let’s test whether you have understood how to use the verbs.

Complete the following English sentences using is, are, was or were.

1. What …………… you doing at 7’O clock in the morning?

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

2. I ……………….. sleeping when the telephone rang.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

3. When you phoned I …………… working in the garden.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

4. When I got up this morning the sun ………….. shining.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

5. ‘Who made this report?’ ‘I ………………. working on it.’

a) are b) were c) is d) was

6. I……………….. painting all day yesterday.

a) are b) were c) is d) was

7. The children ……………….. playing video games.

a) are b) were c) is d) was

8. She …………………. working tonight.

a) are b) were c) is d) was

9. The teacher ……………. evaluating the english answer sheets right now.

a) are b) were c) is d) was

10.You can’t go out now. It …………….. raining cats and dogs.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

11. We ……. in no mood to study on a Sunday.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

12. There ……. trees falling on the street, due to heavy rains.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

13. How ……. the students performing in the test?

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

14. That ……. a very slow movie.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

15. I read an article on “how to write effective mails” at fluent life’s page, and it ……… awesome.

a) are b) were c) is  d) was

How you can improve your vocabulary by playing games?

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While we were trying to find out something interesting for improving vocabulary. Reading seems a boring idea. Therefore, we as a team thought of inventing something which would be interesting and applicable. That’s when we thought of games. Everyone, loves playing games online. So how about improving vocabulary by playing games. That’s seems so interesting,Right?

Learning English and improving vocabulary through games online is all in your comfort zone. Games are much more effective and engaging. It is surely more appealing than books you tend to play it more than once if you start liking the game. Instead of reading a 3000 words write-up if you play games you actually think with those 500words constructed in a different manner with the use of graphics.

Online Games to Improve your Vocabulary.

Improve vocabulary by playing Word games

Fluent life – Improve vocabulary by playing games

While we talk about games they are numerous. It goes from outdoor to indoor, from offline to online. You need to select which game is the best for you and keeps you engaged. There are various types of games Sports, Fashion, Puzzle, Quiz, Casual, and Warfare some of which are beneficiary for you. Like the parents teach their kids to join to words to make the appropriate sentence. This is how they make them practice English and improve their skills.

Which Android games are available for improving your vocabulary?

We all have Android phones so let’s use them to improve your vocabulary. There are ample of games available online and offline to access anytime. Instead of playing the normal games you can use the same time to play games which will improve your vocabulary.

Some of the Android games available which will improve your vocabulary are:

Power Vocab

A Word a Day Widget

7 Little Words

Words with Friends

Try the Interactive Fiction game, which will improve your vocabulary.

The game is a fiction story, creating a situation where you will have to think to answer. The main aim is to let you think new words and comprehend. It improves your vocabulary practically and not only grammar. The game will engage you in the activity while you will have to be quick with your answers. That’s when you will learn and think new words, idioms and learn to comprehend.

Why are most traditional spoken English classes ineffective?

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It was coffee time, I and are mentor at thefluentlife were discussing about why students have a problem in Vocabulary of English. He says, that if a student is weak in Vocabulary of English he needs some personal attention. If the same student has opted for offline English classes he would land up improving nothing. This is because these weak students need some personal attention.

English is not a mere subject it’s a skill. It isn’t something that if you know a lot of English words you know English. English vocabulary needs to be practised. You can choose a smart mode like online English coaching. At online coaching you have personal training your mentor knows your capability on an individual basis.

Teaching English in class

Fluent life – Teaching English in class

While in traditional spoken English classes they teach you the language. A skill cannot be thought it gets better only by practising. In the offline English classes, they teach grammar which is the only think that can be thought in English. Grammar is which cannot be learned it has to be acquired. To improve your vocabulary it is more important to practice.

Primary Tools

The important aspect while you have to learn English speaking is the input of language. You have to have a strong base which is not thought in the English coaching classes. You have to learn English like a child does when he starts speaking. At the beginning the active vocabulary is low. You start with small broken words, and then learn to speak sentences, eventually work on your vocabulary. There is no active teaching for the kid all while. He learns it probably because he listens to a lot of English words and then tries speaking.

The best formula is,

Listen to English music, poems, Read a lot of English books and then try Communicating in the English language.

What the coaching classes will teach you are words which will be of no practical use in your daily life. Instead with listening to the English language you learn words which are used in daily life. English classes will only teach you there is no speaking time given to you individually and writing is also nil. There two speaking and writing are the actual way you can test your English.


There are 4 basic ways in you can solve the problem of learning English not the traditional way.


Listening to English stuff is going to help you. It is very important that you listen and not just hear. Listening to a conversation between two people so while you speak you get new words to learn. The structuring of the sentence on the immediate time is the key while you speak. Every day you have to listen to English which could be on Podcast, watching English movies, listening English songs. A minimum of 1 hour listening of English every day for 6 months.


Reading is one good thing. You must have a reading habit if you have to improve your English vocabulary. While you read you learn new words. Framing a sentence with the appropriate words is what you learn. There are a lot of sources for reading; you can pick up any book of your choice. Comic books can help you as they are written in a conversational manner. Reading-based games like Tap Tap is one an interactive reading option.

Blogs/Newspapers- For these two sources, it is very important that you choose your interest. Like while you read a blog the content is what you will absorb. Therefore, it is important that you choose the topic that you are interested in reading or else it’s just a waste of time. Newspapers have content which is usually not interesting as it is factual so choose your section (ex: Sports)


Speaking is where your active vocabulary gets tested. Here all you’re reading and listening are brought to practicality. Speaking is important so that you can make your vocabulary strong. Like if you dance for a long while you forget the steps this is same. A man was noted as lost in a plane crashed and was found after a long while. He forgot how to speak proper English. English is a skill as said earlier it has to be practised. Communicate at least 2 hours in a day in English and in 4 months it will be fluent enough to speak.


Writing is the most difficult to practice but equally beneficial. Writing needs a lot of dedication you have to practice it very seriously. The problem here is the environment surrounding you. Writing needs motivation which isn’t easy to get. You have to find the solution to this problem. Even if you write a 500 words piece by yourself every day there will be a drastic improvement in your English.

How to solve the environment problem?

Speaking and Writing is where you mainly face the environment problem. If you cannot, create an environment; where you can speak English. There is one solution find a mentor, guide or coordinator.

When you have a mentor you have someone with whom you can speak English. Your communication in English will surely improve your vocabulary. Since it’s your mentor he/she can even guide you when you’re wrong to point out your mistakes and make you correct them. Unlike, the English classes which are a one-way communication. It’s only they who are speaking and not you.

Mentor’s give you feedback on what you write in fact they even give you what to write. They will assign you prompts and assignments. It’s more of a communication then only learning from one end. While you imbibe the approach you learn to use the words right. You are free to discuss any problem your stuck in with your mentor which does not happen in a traditional English class. You can join fluent life online English programs to solve this problem.

Case Study: Use of games to improve English vocabulary.

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I was always recommended to read more and more of books to improve my English vocabulary. Reading was never interesting and it becomes more boring if the content isn’t appealing to you at all. Am I Right?  There were Activities like solving assignments, writing prompts, Skype classes. No interesting option to choice for.

Now you do not need to worry there is something interesting online.A gamified version of the whole process of improving English vocabulary. When you are in a classroom learning English is one way. But while you play the game you are thinking. The aim is that you comprehend your own sentence. The game makes you think for a new sentence, using new ways to pass to the next level.

A new interactive approach to improve English Vocabulary

In this online English vocabulary game, you have to start thinking from the start. The game puts you in a situation where you are trapped with some unknown. There is no way but to communicate. While you communicate you have to answer in English. You think for an idea that’s when you comprehend your ideas. It’s fun to be in a game which easily improves your English vocabulary. There is no need of textbooks here.

Here are some question which your mentor will ask after your online game performance.

1. Why did you choose to burn the forest?

2. Do you know the consequences of burning a forest?

3. Why did you believe on an unknown person?

4. Why did you not offer him some water?

New words which you learn in the online game are:







by the way

heat is killing

This activity was tried with 100 students by the fluent life. Out of which 5% found it easy, 20% found it difficult in playing the activity, 75% enjoyed the activity. We even found that they used to play the game twice every day.

At the fluent life, we work on more of such activity which improves your vocabulary. If you keep learning in a practical way your active vocabulary will surely improve. Let’s take, for instance, 1500 words in 6 months or 4000 years in a year it is probably enough for you to improve your vocabulary.

Vocabulary for Music: How to improve your vocabulary.

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Girl listening music trying to learn English

Fluent life – Learn English by listening music

Basically, for any Vocabulary that we are trying to acquire its the examples which is helpful. But to acquire the knowledge of good Vocabulary for music you need to know the words.  So let’s learn everything step by step.

It’s nothing new, its like listening music, twice you hear a song the lyrics get stuck in your mind. In this article, I am going to take you through an interesting process to acquire vocabulary for music. So next time attend a A.R. Rehman concert, you will have all the right ideas and words to brag about what you experienced and your office friends could not.

When you hear music, the song you play goes by the action you’re performing. It relates to the situation, emotion you are going through. A good vocabulary is no different. You just need to speak the most appropriate word to justify your speech at the right time.

Let’s plan, how you can improve your Vocabulary.

The key to improving your vocabulary is reading. Reading more of books, magazines or online content will make your vocabulary strong. Real vocabulary gets stronger and you learn new words. Then you pick a real life scenario and start writing. While you pen down your thoughts you truly understand how fluent your vocabulary is.

Steps to practice scenario based vocabulary using different sources.

Music is truly an emotion. We talk-walk with music, there is always a song available which will perfectly match your feelings at the moment. The same way use the most appropriate word for your piece of writing.

Step 1

You can imagine any realistic situation in your life which makes you remembers of a song for example, “Your crazy experience at a live concert”.

Step 2

For music, there are endless sources. If you have to write about music you don’t need to think much it comes instantly. You can access blogs on music, live concert reviews, music shows and music channels so you remain updated.

Step 3

After reading and listening Moreover, you can shortlist the words you use to write about music.  Probably every word that comes across while you hear the word music. Here is a list I could compile







Rock music









Rock Music

Use all the sources of music and read a lot about it. The words mentioned above in the list relate to music vocabulary which could be used to write a music review.

Step 4

Using the above words you can now curate your own list of words. While you write do not try to stuff words just because you want to use them. Keep it as simple as you can and easy to read.

Let’s solve all the confusion by giving you a realistic example by using the word list. The words will be highlighted.

Describe a crazy experience at a Live Concert in Goa.

Goa is the favorite destination to chill in a country like India. One more interesting thing in Goa is the famous Sunburn Festival. All your headphones turned off with slow music for this concert. This concert was one crazy experience. All the bands which perform at the concert play a new playlist for the audience to enjoy on the floor.

All the while, you are at the concert you have that rhythm going on in your heart to dance on. A mad crowd dancing, singing with the loud music. The energy of the whole concert is so heartwarming that you will never want to leave. ‘Sunburn Arena’ thankfully got the best DJ with the best band which makes it even more worth. Come evening at any Sunburn Live concert and you will throw your high heels and dance madly. The perfect band, favorite artist, open breeze, drinks and the music all go like the ingredients of a tasty dish.

The EDM festival is more of a buzz before it starts, on the social media. You are informed the next time you want to have the same crazy experience.

Note: Here you have to notice that the word ‘energy’ is used in a different meaning than the actual meaning of the word.

You can share your experience with us by commenting below. You can ask us for help to improve your vocabulary if you have any difficulty using your word list.

Improve English by reading – A game based aproach

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Does it even make sense to try to improve English by reading? Let us hear an inner voice to dig deeper newspaper

human character reading newspaper

Fluent life – Reading makes your English better

“If my English has issues, I find it difficult to speak fluently hence I switch to my native language or I chose not to speak at all. But I cannot improve in a language I try to avoid speaking in” Sounds like a spiral trap. Does it sound like you? We all suffer from public embarrassment and thus become a victim of stagnant communication skills. But there is way out – Reading

Sounds like a spiral trap? or does it sound much like yourself? To me, it sounds like all of us. We all suffer from the fear of public embarrassment, as a result of which we avoid social circles where English is the primary language of interaction, which in turn puts us in a shell and thus become a victim of stagnant communication skills. But there is way out – Reading

How to use reading to improve your Language skills?

Here are a few reasons why I think that not only does reading helps in acquiring better language skills, it is in fact more effective than any other practice or training

  • Reading is a very personal activity and thus there is no social filter pulling you down
  • Reading exposes you to several grammatical structures in a very natural way, thus improving your actual use of grammar.
  • If you are reading fiction, it will greatly improve your active vocabulary and sentence structuring.
  • You always have choices in reading. You can choose to read what you like most and thus enjoy while you are continuously improving.
  • If you can find interactive games or activities in reading, your engagement levels are really high and you will acquire language with the greatest effectiveness
  • You could say that 30 minutes of an engaging reading based game or activity is more effective than a 4-hour traditional spoken English class.

Here is an activity that I have designed with by my team member Prabha. Try it out and evaluate how many new words, idioms, phrases and sentence structure did you learn. Now imagine doing 2 such activities every day. You are sure to beat the jinx of communication

Sample activity: Nab the culprit


The activity provides a platform to evaluate the reader’s ability
 to read the story for details,
 to understand the author’s intent
 to comprehend the gist,
 to identify the focus of the question,
 to extract hidden or half-baked information based on one’s own thought process and logic

The Activity Unleashes!

Most of us have grown reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries and have perhaps nurtured a secret desire in our heart to someday solve the mystery of a missing person or lost article or maybe a murder! Here comes the opportunity to unleash your detective abilities and end up nabbing the painting thief.

Instructions: Please read through the instructions carefully.

Step 1: Read the story for details.
Step 2: Try to understand and comprehend the personalities of the suspects and identify their personal motives behind the theft.
Step 3: Answer the activity sheet and see how close your logical reasoning gets to our possible set of answers. (Useful tip: Try to eliminate each of the suspects by giving your original and logical reasoning of why they could not have committed the theft).
Step 4: Round up the culprit and bask in the glory of having solved the mystery in our very own “Holmes” style. You can ask your friend to play Dr. Watson, if you wish to get a real feel!

The Museum Theft

The world famous Louvre Museum in Paris, France is known for its unmissable artworks such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Once upon a time, the museum decided to auction some of its masterpieces to the highest bidder and news was sent to one and all who made it to the “Elite list in France”. The paintings, under tight security, were placed in the Main Museum Hall a day before the auction. The general public knew that the masterpieces, once possessed, could fetch a fortune for the owner!
The same night one of the paintings went missing from the gallery! The police launched a massive manhunt, thereby questioning everyone in the vicinity and who came under their lens-the museum security, office bearers, housekeeping, restaurant staff, visitors etc.
Five men, namely, Jawed Khan, Albert Pinto, Michael Fernsby, Mike Cooper, and Martin G were the last to leave the museum a day before the auction. The police started quizzing the 5 suspects in addition to the above.

Jawed Khan:

Aged 22. He was an Art student at University, sharing a flat with three others. He was very keen to make a career in the world of Art and Sculpture and somehow get associated to the museum to take the first steps.
On the night of the robbery, he was in the Museum restaurant having a drink with his friend, Michael Fernsby, hoping to catch sight of the top officials in the Museum and somehow further his cause. The bar staff served him several drinks!

Michael Fernsby:

He was a restaurant staff and always on a look out to get associated with the rich so that he could realize his ambition of becoming a rich man and owning a casino in the heart of Las Vegas in the US. His PR skills were so exemplary that he would end up becoming friends with the guests and join them for drinks after his working hours.
On the night of the robbery, he was enjoying drinks with Jawed and sharing the inside details of the auction (as known to the staff) that was to happen the following day.

Mike Cooper:

Aged 59. He was the Chief Security Officer, handling the security affairs for the big auction. He used to visit the casinos and off late had accumulated heavy debts that had to be paid off. This had also resulted in estranged relationship with his wife and he was desperate to set things right.
On the night of the robbery, he was pretty much in the vicinity of the museum all through and left early morning to freshen up and be back before the auction commenced. In the middle of the night he got busy with a phone call from his wife that perhaps left him relieved.

Martin G:

Aged 35. He was the housekeeping supervisor and a foul mouthed guy. He was always known to pick up fight with his staff and other department staff. He was issued stern and last warning by Mike Cooper, the Chief Security Officer, to behave or else he would be sacked out.
On the night of the robbery, Martin was not around as he had left the museum that evening in a rage after an altercation with Mike and threatened to settle scores with him.

Albert Pinto:

Aged 42. He worked for a large international bank in London that had recently gone bankrupt. He was counted amongst the “Elite club” of Paris and lived with his wife and three children. All three went to private school. He had two cars and had recently bought a new big house.
On the night of the robbery, he spent half the evening at home, then stepped out announcing that he was going to the sports club for some relaxation and returned home in the wee hours of next morning. He had an auction invite!

Solve the Case here

Now that you have given stress to your brain, try solving the case by answering all the questions that follow. If you are able to solve most of these questions, you have learned a lot through this activity

1. Suggest an alternative title for the story

2. Identify the characters
a) Heavy drinker, although unable to even manage an accommodation of his own
b) Short tempered and aggressive
c) Elite team member
d) A social butterfly
e) Hard core gambler

3. Give a one line answer for the reason behind the presence of the following at the museum on the night of the theft:
a) Jawed Ahmed
b) Michael Fernsby
c) Mike Cooper

4. Identify synonyms for the following set of words from the choices given below: Auction, Elite, Missing, Security, Bankrupt, Relaxation, Estranged, Desperate
(Privileged, Sale, Safety, Lost, Insolvent, Recreation, Separated, Worried)

5. State whether the following statements are True or False:
a) The museum was situated in France.
b) The auction invite was sent to all in France.
c) Albert Pinto was aged 35.
d) Mike Cooper headed the security team for the auction.
e) Jawed Khan was a science student.

6. Discussion based:
a) Identify the thief, quoting reasons for the same.
b) In the process of identifying the culprit, provide reasons as to why you think the others could not have committed the theft.

Try solving and submit your answers

We have the answers but you must try solving them on your own. If possible submit your answers and will tell you where did you go wrong.