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April 2017

Basics of Past tense in English

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How was the movie?

How was your Sunday?

Have you ever been to Benaras? Where did you stay?

Can you answer these questions with ease? If not, you are struggling with basics of past tense.

So, how do you talk about past in English? Do you need to learn completely new words to describe a past event? Is there a rule that you can follow?

If you are a beginner, watch the following video which explains in easy language about how can you talk about past in English :-

Practice now!

Try the following simple exercise to practice and see how well have you understood the basics of past tense. You can post your answers in the comments below.

Rewrite the sentences in past tense.

  1. My father works as a policeman.
  2. Three kids play outside.
  3. I listen to music and play cards.
  4. I walk in the park with my best friends.
  5. We write a story about our families.
  6. I go to school and then I come back home.
  7. They run around the block.
  8. Your mother goes to the mall.

Put the story in order. Rewrite in past tense.

  1. Monisha works late last Friday.
  2. Then she miss the bus and got a taxi back home.
  3. She has a lot of work to do, and had to stay in the office until 7.30 pm.
  4. After dinner, they watch a movie together and go to bed at 11.30pm.
  5. When she comes home she started cooking.
  6. He wants pizza, so his dad ordered some pizza on the phone.
  7. Monisha’s son Danish does not like his dinner at all, and did not want to eat it.
  8. At about 9pm dinner is finally ready and everybody sat at the table.

Underline the correct option.

  1. I …….. (telled, think, told) Martin to give me the book.
  2. She …..(answered, brings, drew) the phone.
  3. The family ……. (swim, bought, drives) the house last April.
  4. My brother and I ……..(fed,dress,talled) our two cats Tinky and Minky.
  5. Our friend Sonya ……. (talked, ate, saw) a very famous actor last week.
  6. I …….. (cleaned, wash, drove) my room yesterday, so I can play today.

Feel free to submit your answers, in the comments below. You are also most welcome to ask more questions and discuss you doubts